Trade Shows

In line with our focus on the international cannabis industry and to increase our network within the industry, CHK Solutions makes sure to be present at various trade shows and conferences.


More than just participating at these events, we have been instrumental in coordinating with various pharmaceutical and medical institutions in order to educate on our industry and create business opportunities.


Arcview Barcelona, March 2017 : CHK Solutions was the proud platinum sponsors of the first Arc View event in Europe and became Arc View members thereafter. During this event, our founder’s dispensary was chosen to be the venue for the Arc View meet and greet event. As members we were present also present at the events of Toronto, Las Vegas and LA:
• Arcview Toronto, July 2017
• Arvview Las Vegas, Nov 2017
• Arcview Los Angeles, January 2018


CHK was one of the founding members of the very first B2B networking event of the Cannabis Industry in Spain. We brought Steep Hill Labs from Berkeley, California and Reggie Gaudino as one of the Main Speakers for him to share his knowledge on the science of cannabinoids and the plant in general. We also coordinated visits of the Spanish pharmaceutical company Alcaliber and LEBSA laboratories.


> ICBC Barcelona March 2019 on the market of extractions
> On the Revel, July 2020 on Global Cannabis Markets


Spannabis: CHK is a proud sponsor of Spannabis which has been celebrated for over 15 years and is recognized as the number one cannabis event in Europe. We are present every year at our booth showcasing the newest equipment innovations.