CHOKO Barcelona is one of the most stunning exclusive private member cannabis clubs and art galleries in Europe based in Barcelona.


Well-known for its unique design, concept and products, Choko Barcelona is a space to meet, work, smoke and chill. open only for members and adults over 21 years of age.


Derived from the establishment and the like-minded community, the cannabis lifestyle brand CHOKO was born.


Run by street artists and designers, CHOKO is specializes in apparel, smoke wear, accessories, and art for our valued customers.

PULSE has been delivering the best of the best to lovers of the outdoors and of living on the edge since 1969.


What started as a company simply rooted in smoke lifestyle, has now evolved into an influential brand that provides high quality fashion and gear for those seeking performance and comfort in the world of adventure sports.


PULSE started out on the slopes being one of the top snowboard brands represented on the mountains year after year, and the natural part of the brand’s growth was to extend its products to the streets and the surf.


At PULSE , we innovate to inspire, and if our products can facilitate your adventure-seeking extreme lifestyle then we’ve done our jobs right.


PULSE: slopes, street, surf

for Women, by Women


DIVINE is a French luxury cannabis brand, created to empower the modern independent woman and create a unique experience of Style and Glamour.


Founded in 2016, DIVINE acts as a guide to help women discover and pursue new paths to self-care and happiness.


With discretion, education and style, Divine enhances flower-powered pleasures through thoughtful and candid exploration of the plant and its diverse set of benefits.


We share superior products and design thoughtful experiences to help women unlock and harness the essence of botanicals on their own terms.


Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or just getting started on your journey, DIVINE is here to ensure your higher aspirations are realized and that you truly enjoy your trip.


A luxury elegant high formulated to satisfy a woman’s needs

Chk HIGH END was created by top designers and every product under this brand is designed for the individual who has the same appreciation that we do for the finer things in life.


All ingredients are carefully selected and researched in order to ensure that clients have the best of what’s offered on the market, formulated for the specific needs of the dynamic and on the go clientele we cater to.


The classy high