CHK Solutions in Las Vegas: Arcview and MJBizCon

CHK Solutions Las Vegas Arcview and MJBizCon

Arcview Group is the world’s most important investor forum in the cannabis industry | MJBizCon is considered as the largest cannabis fair for professionals in the industry

Arcview International Investor Forum of Arcview in Las Vegas (11-13 November) is the most important event for investors in the world. A crucial appointment for companies that want to grow in the industry, and also for those looking for new and promising businesses to invest.

The Arcview Group is made up of the most qualified professionals and experts in the sector, and CHK Solutions we can boast of having an excellent relationship with all its members. Last year we sponsored the only event that Arcview has celebrated in Europe, and thanks to it we have been able to give a great boost to our company.

Companies and dispensaries in Las Vegas, the vanguard of cannabis

Therefore, we could not miss Las Vegas International Investor Forum, where we met again with good friends such as Troy Dayton and Steve DeAngelo and discovered the future of the cannabis industry. We also had the opportunity to visit facilities and dispensaries to understand how the most innovative companies work.

Two Roots Brewing Co., Cannabiniers, The Source, Med Men or Planet 13 are some of those businesses and establishments that we had the opportunity to visit, and it has been a truly inspiring experience.

Discovering the latest news of the cannabis industry at MJBizCon

After only six years, Marijuana Business Conference Expo or MJBizCon (14-16 November) has managed to attract more than 27,000 people to its latest edition. The data of this macro event is impressive, and not only because of the more than 1000 exhibitors that went to the fair, but for their great growth percentages.

This year at MJBizCon in Las Vegas, companies from 70 different countries took part in a space of approximately 175000 square feet, the largest ever. These numbers certify MJBizCon as the most important cannabis industry fair in the world, which every year receives more international assistance.

For the second year in a row, CHK Solutions had the opportunity to attend to MJBizCon, invited by our partners Triminator and PurePressure. During the three days of the fair, it was a frenzy of talks, exhibitions and learning, where saw some of the most revolutionary inventions and the most cutting-edge products and machines on the market.

All of this has the purpose of acquiring greater knowledge of the industry, keeping abreast of the innovations of the sector and offering to our customers the best products and services thanks to our excellent partners. Thus, we can help Europe to enter the world of medicinal cannabis -in those countries where it is legal- and pave the way to professionalize the European cannabis industry of tomorrow.

After several days of hustle and bustle, tiredness, accumulated sleep and jet-lag, countless contact cards, e-mails and messages from all the new friends we have made at each event we attended, what we appreciate the most is the new experience that we can add to our resume and thus keep guaranteeing all our clients the professionalism that they and the cannabis industry are demanding.

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